BetaSoft is leader in providing comprehensive software solutions based on world-leading technologies and integrated training services. The company was founded in 1995 as a software testing and quality assurance services provider and was fully incorporated in 1999. 20 years later BetaSoft has become a recognizable name in Silicon Valley and a key partner to well-known innovative power houses such as HP, IBM, Cisco, Juniper and many others.  Our vision is to be our customers' Partner of Choice and we take a long-term approach to customer relationships. We offer our customers a complete range of highly innovative product, service and training solutions designed to help them meet their needs for innovation, differentiation from competition, efficiency, readiness and timely go to market. We provide solutions to customers in various domains including IT, mobile, cloud, telecom., semiconductor, healthcare and aviation.


  • Proven track record of serving clients in Fortune 500 Companies
  • Team of highly experienced and globally certified professionals
  • Strong Partner Ecosystem to leverage latest tools and standards
  • Ongoing research and development to release innovative products and solutions
  • Exposure and domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals


  • Our Testing Input Accelerates Your Release Cycles
  • Our Methodical Testing Reduces Your Time To Market
  • Rapid Project Team Mobilization On Projects
  • Speed of Delivery Due to our Blended Onsite/Offshore Model
  • Reduced Cost Due To Flexible Models and Pricing Structure

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